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Get The Look You DesireProviding the best hair wigs for your style and choice has always been our aim. We win our customers heart by listening to them.

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Get the desired hair style you needWatch how we make our wigs with the latest techniques. We make wigs and hair extensions as natural as possible and comfortable to you.

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Here are the most asked questionsWatch how we make the hair style you need with the latest techniques. We make hair extensions and wigs as natural as possible and comfortable to you.

With proper care, your hair extensions could last up to 3 years.

*Shampoo after every install

*Never sleep with wet extensions

*Air dry

*Comb extensions from bottom to top

*Minimize heat damage

*Make sure your wig is the correct size

*Switch up your wigs for longer lasting

  • Wear a wig cap liner, sew wig down, or install a band to secure wig
  • Add concealer to your part and/or hairline. You also can bleach your knots to hide net like patters on your brand new wig.

Yes, wigs helps your hair grow underneath your wig, that’s why it’s considered a protective style. Only way your hairline would thin, if your wig is installed incorrectly with harsh chemicals. This would delay hair growth and also damage skin. if you need help installing any type of lace wig please contact your licensed cosmetologist.


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Donate your HairDonate your hair for a special person who is in such need